Call for Subjects

Hello! I am currently looking for people to paint and welcome volunteers to allow me to use their likeness. What does this involve? 

1. Submit a photograph (or several) to my email address (

2. What is the best photograph to submit? The photograph is very important! I am looking for photos that allow me to capture the subject's likeness, so I need to be able to see the bone structure and flesh tones of the face. Photographs that are beautiful, professionally done, or filled with personal memories, are probably not good candidates for my style of portraiture. I would recommend just getting those pictures enlarged and framed (it'll look just like you want and so much easier!) The photos I request are actually pretty boring looking. I just need an up-close face with the proper lighting. To get the proper lighting, take a picture next to an open window or on a covered porch where the light is shining onto one side of the face.

Examples of good reference photographs:

3. What will be done with the picture? These pictures will be used for my professional development. Meaning that, if selected and painted, your likeness will be painted and images of those paintings will be added to my website, social media, and used to apply to galleries/shows. Follow me on Instagram at @andreajacobsonart to see my current work and whether your photo(s) end up being chosen!

4. Thank you!!